Forthright’s legal processing services help people resolve conflicts. Our expertise, efficient processes, and excellent customer service enable Forthright’s customers to impress their own clients.

Forthright's employees deliver on our “High Touch With High Tech” promise by:

  • Knowing they matter and can have an impact
  • Building trust through open and honest communication
  • Working smart and basing actions on results
  • Being accountable to each other and to the customer

The Forthright culture is one where people care about doing great work. We listen to fuel our creative force and develop innovative solutions focused on customer needs. And, we build lasting relationships by keeping our promises.

Here’s why employees like working at Forthright:

  • "I feel like I am truly supported by my coworkers.”
  • “Forthright provides an environment for optimal performance and employee engagement.”
  • “I know I can make a difference here.”