Forthright has experience in designing, optimizing and managing complex processes, and has the capability to process extremely large volumes of transactions. We understand how environmental, political, and legislative contexts can affect programs. By leveraging this expertise, Forthright helps government agency clients achieve greater accuracy, reduced cost, and superior transparency in administering No-Fault/PIP arbitration programs.

Forthright’s technology has enabled its clients to significantly lower overhead through the following tools:

  • Paperless, online filing for end-users
  • Online payment for end-users
  • Online management and status checking for end-users
  • Regular online reporting for clients with detailed metrics on filings, statuses, and outcomes
  • Complete, up-to-date rules, forms, FAQs, and educational materials all made available online

Partnering with a State Government:
Administering a High Volume Program

Learn how Forthright works with a state agency to decrease costs even when increasing the volume of transactions.

Learn more about Forthright's administration of the New Jersey No-Fault PIP Arbitration Program