Features and Benefits Brochure


Forthright partners with private businesses, non-profits, trade associations, governmental and non-governmental entities to design, automate, and manage processing solutions.

We have the unique skills and proven technology to create workflow applications for sophisticated processes, generating significant cost savings by eliminating inefficiencies.

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Below are a few of the features and benefits of working with Forthright:

Advanced Workflow Technology
At Forthright, we understand that every organization is unique. Our advanced workflow technology allows for the design of a highly customized program to meet your organization’s distinct needs.

Fully Integrated Programs
Our programs are designed specifically for your organization and will fully integrate with your existing program, whether manual or automated, offering you a seamless transition and easy implementation.

Cross-Industry Experience
Forthright’s cross-industry experience provides us with a broad knowledge base that allows for solutions to be expertly designed for your organization, anticipating your needs to avoid common pitfalls.


Our innovative solutions can be implemented as an environmentally friendly paperless system reducing the frequency of human error and manual processing.

Our internet based program allows for convenient processing of claims and live status updates for all involved.

Cross-Organizational Functions
Forthright will consult to develop solutions that work across your entire organization, collaborating with key stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

Performance Metrics
Sophisticated technology allows us to measure performance and provide immediate access to statistics and reporting.