Finally, an ADR Provider Focused on Dispute Resolution and Prevention

Introducing the future of ADR programs. Designed not just to resolve disputes, but to minimize future conflicts.

Forthright Builds Dispute
Resolution Programs

To Help Attorneys, Businesses, and State Agencies Resolve Disputes Faster and Minimize Future Conflicts

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Fast & Fair Decisions

Empower neutrals to keep decisions swift and consistent by using subject matter experts and giving them clear guidelines.

Choose from our nationwide roster of expert neutrals or let us help you recruit a custom panel of experts based on your own criteria.

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Satisfied Users

Use proven processes to enhance responsiveness and reduce costs. A process-driven ADR program creates a superior user experience (and fewer complaints).

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Measurable Results

Using AI and machine learning can identify recurring disputes, guiding users to refine practices, and boosting efficiency by reducing future issues.

Know you made the right choice of ADR provider based on measurable results.

Many ADR Providers Fail to Deliver Better Results Than Litigation

Your ADR Solution Should Resolve Cases Quickly, Not Create Delays and Increased Costs

Traditional administrators tend to be inflexible.

Minimize complaints and reduce costs with a context-specific ADR solution or lean on our industry expertise to build a custom program based on your needs.

In 37 years, we’ve helped resolve over 1.9 million disputes

Proud Service Provider for State Agencies, Major U.S. Insurance Carriers, and Nationwide Businesses

Forthright Already Delivers Expert Services for Multiple Key Sectors

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The Transportation

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Internet &
Technology Sector

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Forthright’s ADR Solutions

Choose the Dispute Resolution Product That’s Right for You

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Arbitration, Mediation, and Online Dispute Solutions for:

  • Business-to-Business Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Franchise Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Domain Disputes
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Online Mediation Management Platform including:

  • Mediator Selection
  • Mediation Scheduling
  • Virtual Mediation Platform
  • Enterprise-level Reporting

Self-service or fully-administered mediation provided 100% online. This means less time to settle the dispute (and lower costs).

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Build a Custom Online Dispute Resolution Program Based on Your Existing Workflow

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Build a Custom ADR Program to Achieve:

  • Quicker and more effective outcomes
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Future conflict reduction
  • Cost savings

We Understand That Not All Disputes Are the Same

Especially When It Comes to the Relationship Between Parties

Looking to preserve the relationship? Choose mediation or online dispute resolution.

Is it time to move on? Obtain a binding decision through arbitration

4 Simple Steps to Resolve and

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    Select a Forthright ADR Solution built for your needs.

  • 2


    Resolve your disputes with lower costs and less time.

  • 3


    Gather insights and adapt processes to minimize future disputes.

  • 4


    Get back valuable time and resources to invest elsewhere.