Since 1986, we’ve built ADR programs to help organizations lower dispute resolution costs while reaching fast and fair decisions for all parties.

Over nearly four decades, Forthright has built the industry expertise and technical infrastructure to administer a truly massive caseload under various rules and procedures.

We Don’t Believe in One-Size-Fits-All ADR Solutions

Our tailored programs yield superior outcomes compared to the inefficient court system and other ADR providers who often duplicate the same inadequacies as litigation.

Each of our ADR programs is designed specifically to help you:

  • Find neutrals with subject matter expertise.
  • Create clear guidelines to govern decisions.
  • Streamline program administration with proven processes.
  • Provide responsive customer support to program users.
  • Identify trends to improve program efficiency and possibly prevent future disputes.

Whether you need a program built for a specific context (such as business-to-business or franchising disputes) or a program tailored to your needs, we can help.

Get started today by choosing the ADR solution that’s right for you.


Dan Legierski

Dan Legierski, CEO